Early Bird Scheme by DHA Quetta!

Early Bird Scheme by DHA Quetta!

Early Bird Scheme

DHA Quetta has offered an early bird scheme in which 1 Kanal file holder having Affidavit/Allocation will get a plot in  Sector A through DHA Quetta Balloting and Successful Customer paid Rs.23.50 lac for development charges to enter in this scheme.

Initially, only 1500 customers are eligible for this exclusive deal which offers pre-launch Discounted rates. Phase I Sector A is located in DHA Quetta, the closest sector to the main entrance gate. It is currently in the Early Bird Scheme. A total of 1500 plots (1 Kanal) offers in the DHA Quetta Early Bird Scheme.

For the first time, an exclusive deal is offer by DHA Quetta in which 1 Kanal plots are offer for sale.

  • Discounted Price
  • Exclusively for a Specific Sector
  • The sector’s location is release before the balloting.
  • Sector A Phase I is the sector where these plots are offering to customers or investors on a first-come, first-served basis.

DHA Quetta early bird scheme benefits

Immediately Own will start at early bird files and will go up to 50+ Lac.

You will receive a 1 Kanal plot in Sector A, Phase I, DHA Quetta. You won’t be able to get a plot in sector A if you miss this opportunity.

DHA Quetta’s Main Entrance Gate situated nearest to sector A.

Payment method and payment plan

DHA Quetta Early Bird scheme is open to everyone. The benefits can only be obtained when certain requirements are met and certain payments are made.

The scheme is open to those with an affidavit, an intimation, or an allocation letter.

It is necessary to make full payment of the development charges. Only 23,50,000 PKR. You need to pay the charges to only authorized DHA Quetta dealers. All authorized dealers are listed on the DHA Quetta website.

In this exclusive first come first served limited offer, Bin Saeed Estate is one of the authorized dealers of DHA Quetta and they invite you to BUY or INVEST. If you want to buy or invest, call us/ WhatsApp at +92-321-2828289

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