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DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore is the most attractive locality in Pakistan. Established in 1975, also known as “Defence Housing Authority Lahore”. The society was, in the beginning, meant for retired. And serving officers of the armed forces but because of the high standard of living.


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Phases 1-5 are near saturation, and phases 6 onward are developed based on the latest standards and requirements. So all phases of DHA are well planned and include amenities like mosques. green belts, parks, markets, a wide road network, and proper garbage disposal equipment.

DHA grabbed the attention of Lahore High Society. and now most of the residents of DHA Lahore are civilians. In the Lahore real estate business, DHA Lahore holds a unique prestige.

Because of the increasing demand and value of property in DHA. The society has expanded beyond Phase 9 to Phase 13. To meet the accelerating requirement of people wanting to live or invest in DHA Lahore society is boosting. Early. Because there were only two phases, But now DHA has now reached far off the borders of Lahore. Several areas including villages and towns located in the boundary of the city have now become a part of the society.

It is the most popular Housing Society in the nation. Because of its posh lifestyle and best development quality standard. As well as it provides modern amenities to all the people of the country.

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DHA Lahore future projects

The DGCC as well as other distinguished future projects of the DHA foresee a joint venture by DHA. & BRDB Malaysia to build a township that will the first Golf Resort in Pakistan. IVY GREEN , also well-secured Phase VIII and Phase 9 Prism. One of the largest housing societies established by the DHA. There are some salient features such as powerful location and easy access to Allama Iqbal International Airport. Therefore, which makes it more appealing to investors and consumers alike. The Penta Square Phase 5 development divided into apartment buildings and ultra-modern shopping centers.

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Healthy and Secure Environment

The issue of security has become more of a pressing issue today. And so DHA will always yours first choice to find a safe and secure place for you and your family. A serene and healthy environment creates by providing green belts, stunning theme parks, entertainment facilities, and sports clubs. With its incredible amenities and recreational activities, this complex situated in a perfect location. Enabling you to spend the best of time with your family and friends.